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This site is Defunct

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Find all relevant information now at

The Color of Strawberries

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The Color Of Strawberries, a novel about Ayano Ueda, is now available and will be free on kindle ebook from October 27th 2017 through October 31st 2017!

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Detective Haruhi and the Case of Highway Zero is Now Available!

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This is it, everybody; my first original novel, with my own characters who aren't borrowed from another piece of media!  



Detective Kaoru Haruhi has always wanted to become a private investigator; and she finally has an office, but she doesn't have any cases. Just when she's about to give up, however, she gets a phone call that changes her life.


Later that night, she's on her way to the United States to debunk an urban legend in a town where she knows nobody and can't speak the language- and it's the luckiest she's felt all her life.

"Me and You Alone" is Now Available!

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Now Available: Me and You Alone

Though this story is available to read online, the published version is of a better quality.  In addition, while some books in the "Bury My Heart" series (A dystopian young adult series with strong LGBT elements throughout) are available online for free, some in the future will not be.  Besides, it's $7.00 that would go to support me writing more if you happen to prefer to hold books than to read them online, or just want the novelty! Think it over, and thank you! :)