World of Nico H



Main Verse

These works all occur along a timeline, and the order in which they chronologically occur is how I will list them.

Other Works

These works may be in a series, or may include characters from the main verse, but are only connected to their own series and are not along the same timeline as the main verse.

"Bury My Heart" Series:

Me And You Alone (Available Now)

"Trashy Lesbian Romance" Series:

Faerie Lover (In Progress)

Infernal Passion (In Progress)

"Just the Way We've Got to Be" Series: 

This series contains similar plot points and all the same characters as the main continuity; However, a number of events are different.  Certain characters consider this to be the "Wrong Timeline" or the "Bad End".

- Mahou Shonen Just Say No (Ongoing Serial)

-The Best of "Us" (In progress)

-Nuclear Love (Game in progress)